AWS C1.5


Specification for the Qualification of Resistance Welding Technicians

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AWS 06/14/2019 22
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AWS C1.5 – Specification for the Qualification of Resistance Welding Technicians

AWS C1.5:2019 establishes qualification requirements for a resistance welding technician (RWT). It describeshow qualifications are determined, and the practice by which qualification may be attained and maintained. The user of this specification will evaluate the qualifications of each candidate, and provide examinations to test the candidate’s resistance welding skills and knowledge, as well as, his or her ability to apply the principles of resistance welding.

This specification is intended to supplement the minimum requirements of employers, codes, other standards, ordocuments, and shall not be construed as a preemption of the employer’s responsibility for the work or for the performance of the work. Resistance welding processes include spot welding, projection welding, seam welding, butt welding, flash welding, micro joining, resistance brazing, resistance soldering and resistance heating.

It is understood not all of these disciplines are used in every situation and it shall be the responsibility of employers to determine their employee, who having qualified as a RWT, is capable of performing the specific duties involved in their career assignments. While the RWT has established excellent credentials, qualification to this specification alone may not legally qualify the technician to provide technical services to the public. Contract documents and building or jurisdiction laws may require technical services to be performed under the direction and responsibility of others such as a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.). The RWT designation DOES NOT imply the status of a registered P.E. under the laws of any state or other governmental entity.

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