AWS C3.12M/C3.12


Specification for Furnace Soldering

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AWS 05/23/2017 30
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AWS C3.12M/C3.12 – Specification for Furnace Soldering

AWS C3.12M/C3.12:2017 presents the minimum fabrication and quality requirements for the furnace soldering ofmaterials that include elemental metals, metal alloys, and ceramic base materials that are in geometries that suit theapplication.

The purpose of this specification is to standardize furnace soldering process requirements that will assure that the solderjoints attain the quality level designated by the application. This document establishes the minimum such requirements.It also provides explanations with details to prevent ambiguity within the descriptions. This document assigns responsibilityfor solder joint quality to the Organization Having Quality Responsibility and permits that organization to modifyrequirements as necessary. All such modifications shall be in writing. It assigns responsibility for the ultimate quality ofthe soldered product to a single organization and permits that organization to modify requirements if appropriate to theapplication. It requires proper documentation of any such modifications.

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