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Environmentally preferable products – Hard surface cleaners
standard by NSF, 01/06/2006

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This Standard specifies requirements for a PDP-EMS for hard surface cleaner products. A hard surface cleaner developed and produced under a PDP-EMS that meets the requirements of this Standard and specified environmental attribute targets shall be considered an EPP to the extent that the attribute targets express EPP. An EPP is a product that produces a smaller environmental footprint when compared to other competing products in the market.

This Standard (1) addresses the ethics of pollution prevention and responsible energy use in the entire product life cycle through which environmental issues are systematically integrated into product design and (2) addresses biodegradability and enables identification of chemicals that may potentially persist, bio-accumulate, and be toxic in the environment, i.e., PBT chemicals. This Standard does not itself set but does suggest specific environmental performance criteria for hard surface cleaners or for their product development processes. It does suggest example product performance criteria that could be useful in building a PDP-EMS for hard surface cleaners. This example can be used to establish goals for internal EPP criteria to be used by the manufacturer or used in conjunction with any standard appropriate to individual customer or marketplace.

This Standard shall enable a manufacturer of hard surface cleaners to formulate a PDP-EMS covering those environmental aspects that the manufacturer can control. The implemented PDP-EMS shall enhance the manufacturer’s capabilities at every stage of product design decision-making to minimize upfront environmental and human health risks. Annex A contains suggested parameters for certification programs. Conformance to this Standard ensures that the manufacturer has demonstrated the use of a continually improvable PDP-EMS to develop an EPP. Marketing EPPs promotes environmentally preferable purchasing practices among consumers, industry, and government purchasers.

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