Surface Preparation of Concrete

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SSPC SP 13/NACE 6 – Surface Preparation of Concrete

Section 1: General

1.1 This SSPC/NACE standard details the requirements for surface preparation of concrete by mechanical and chemical methods before the application of bonded protective coating or lining systems.

1.2 The standard details specific methods of surface preparation as well as the amount of surface cleanliness and profile achievable by each method. The specifier is responsible for choosing the appropriate class of surface preparation from Table 1 for the intended protective coating and intended service conditions and these should be agreed upon by all parties involved (owner and/or specifier, manufacturer and contractor).

1.3 The requirements of this standard are applicable to all types of cementitious surfaces including, but not limited to, cast-in-place concrete floors and walls, precast slabs, masonry walls, shotcrete surfaces and cementitious grouts, overlayments and/or underlayments.

1.4 The composition and installation of new concrete and cementitious repair material may affect the selection and application of a coating system. It is the responsibility of the designer to specify the concrete composition, admixtures, finishing procedures, curing method or compound and form release agents; and cementitious repair materials that ensure the concrete is suitable for coating. The chemical, physical (abrasion), and environmental exposure conditions also must be defined for the appropriate coating system to be selected.

1.5 Existing concrete surfaces must be properly evaluated before the application of a coating system. It is the responsibility of the owner/specifier to assess the condition of the concrete to ensure the substrate is sound and suitable for coating.

1.6 An acceptable prepared concrete surface should be free of contaminants, laitance, loosely adhering concrete, and dust, and should provide a sound, uniform substrate suitable for the application of protective coating or lining systems.

1.7 This standard provides minimum requirements for a concrete surface following surface preparation and specific test methods and acceptance criteria for surface tensile strength, profile, cleanliness, residual contaminants, pH, and moisture content.

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