UL 1026


Electric Household Cooking and Food Serving Appliances

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UL 01/27/2012 127
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UL 1026 – Electric Household Cooking and Food Serving Appliances

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These requirements in UL 1026 cover electric household cooking and food serving appliances, rated at 250 V or less, other than those mentioned below, for use in ordinary locations, including appliances intended for casual and permanent outdoor use, in accordance with the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70.

These requirements do not cover household electric ranges, electrode type appliances, skillets and frying type appliances, fondues, woks, tempuras, corn poppers, coffee makers and brewing type appliances, commercial cooking appliances, microwave cooking appliances, or appliances that are covered in individual requirements that are separate from this Standard.

For the purposes of this Standard, a requirement that applies to one type of equipment is identified by a specific reference to the type of equipment involved (for example, toaster, rotisserie, or other specific appliance). In the absence of such specific reference or if the term “appliance” is employed, it is to be understood that the requirement applies to all types of equipment covered by the Standard.

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