IPC 2315


Design Guide for High Density Interconnects & Microvias

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IPC 06/01/2000 40
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IPC 2315 – Design Guide for High Density Interconnects & Microvias

High density interconnect (HDI) and microvia technologies are the PWB industry’s current manufacturing challenge. Published jointly with the Japan Printed Circuits Association, IPC-2315 provides an easy to follow tutorial on the selection of HDI and microvia design rules and structures. The document addresses various considerations when designing an HDI printed wiring board that include: design examples and processes, selection of materials, general descriptions, and various microvia technologies. This industry publication offers designers and manufacturers one source for reliable design and manufacturability information forcommonly produced HDI boards. It includes over 30 full color illustrations to assist the user. 33 pages. Released June 2000.

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