IPC TR-583


An In-Depth Look At Ionic Cleanliness Testing

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IPC 07/01/2002 229
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IPC TR-583 – An In-Depth Look At Ionic Cleanliness Testing

This original research was a cooperative effort between the EMPF and IPC, released as EMPF-RR-0013 in 1993 for better understanding of ionic cleanliness testing. The IPC Ionic Conductivity/Ion Chromatography Test Task Group has validated its continued importance and relevance to the cleaning community and IPC-TR-583 is the result. It includes how solvent temperature influences the final cleanliness results, criticality of a 75% isopropyl to 25% water ratio, value of spraying the solvent, etc. The report provides quantified results to help users determine what variables most influence ionic cleanliness test results.

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